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Projects dynamic content on any ground surface, creating a fun and unique experience for customers to enjoy. The audience interacts with commercials by simply taking a step or placing a hand on the projection.

This solution is perfect for malls, shop entrances, and gathering halls.

• Indoor interactive floor displays
• Size of the interactive display area is up to 100
• Remote access
• Timely schedule campaigns and content
• No extra Hardware or special screens required
• Touch sensitivity is not affected by external lighting, humidity.
• Amazing special FX that can be customized to clients

ALAMAL TECHNOLOGY is able to offer its clients Master clock Control Systems.

We can offer to our customers a standard, individual, independent or network installation in several key fields such as:

• Public Transportation (railways, airport, underground)
• Energy production and distribution companies.
• Public clocks, administrative buildings, hospitals, schools, radio and TV-Studios.

ALAMAL TECHNOLOGY is capable of providing Clock System for building, Towers, Gardens from Europe manufactory. Towers, Building, Garden and clock System.

ALAMAL TECHNOLOGY is capable of providing Scoreboard solution. High-performance manufacturing facilities enable a complete control of our production. We supply scoreboards to any sport venues:

• Sport halls where ball sports like basketball
• Handball
• Volleyball
• Stadiums for football and rugby
• Ice-rinks as well as swimming-pools

ALAMAL TECHNOLOGY has professional technological and good experience of providing customers with comprehensive but versatile professional control method of LED display,such as on

• On-spot live play
• TV
• Stage background
• Event sport stadium
• Remote control

With Al Amal External LED Control System, the LED screen could connect with laptop directly and color quality of LED screen is much improved

High resolution video conferencing can be as simple as setting up your own digital video camera and logging in to your account on our secured network for a small personal video conference or it can cater for boardroom or larger scale company presentations where multiple microphones, projectors and screens may be required, all running seamlessly on a hosted voip network.

We offer a full complement of products and services tailored to your individual requirements including the supply and installation of your conference suite with projectors and projection screens, LCD monitors, plasma screens, wall mounted, free-standing or ceiling speakers and high quality condenser microphones with background noise cancellation to enable your conference partners to be able to hear your conversations clearly and to view you with high resolution image quality

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